World Chocolate Week

Chocolate from Cookery School Chocolate Making Masterclass It’s World Chocolate Week which means we can discuss one of our favourite topics. At Cookery School we have one huge proviso when it comes to chocolate – it has to be 100% slave free. Sadly this is still a major issue for many chocolate brands and is why the chocolate that we use at Cookery School is always ethical.

Our favourite chocolate is Original Beans.

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Last Week in the Kitchen

WE HOSTED several corporate events who all chose Spanish and Italian menus.

WE COOKED delicious dim sum and pastry chef Maddy made sponge biscuits for tiramisu, aided by Louisa, our work experience student who has joined us as part of her school programme.

WE LEARNT that snake beans and long beans are the same thing. We bought them from two different shops and found that they were same ingredient in both cases!

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Seasonal Workers and Chalet Cooks – We have a range of Flexible Cookery Courses for You

We have a range of Flexible Cookery Courses for Seasonal Workers


From chalet cooks to private cooks for villas and boats across Europe and beyond, we offer a variety of seasonal cookery training courses, depending on your interests, requirements and timeframe.

Tried and tested, our courses deliver results to ensure that you have a confident and enjoyable time cooking up a storm on your season abroad!

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