Breakfast at Heath Street Bakehouse


Last week Ros and the Cookery School team made a breakfast trip to Heath Street Bakehouse for the monthly staff breakfast. In the heart of Hampstead, the bakehouse specialises in sourdough, cakes and pastries. The team was treated to buttery croissants, fantastic bread, freshly roasted coffee and a tour of the kitchen where founders Joe, the miller, and Salah, the baker, were hard at work.

With founding roots from Shipton Mill, the home of regenerative organic flour in Gloucestershire, the bakehouse sourdough includes bread made from ancient grains such as Einkorn, one of the earliest cultivated varieties of wheat, first recorded around 8650BC!

Milling since 1979, we’ve been using Shipton Mill organic flours at Cookery School since our inception in 2003 and have always admired their values around the promotion of biodiversity and soil health, fantastic flavour and an appreciation for the craft of milling.

Our Bread Making Classes


At Cookery School we teach bread baking skills across classes and courses. A staple in most cuisines, learning to bake bread is an invaluable skill that is very enjoyable and something that you can build on and do again and again. You’ll often find regional bread recipes kick-starting our classes, from Middle Eastern flatbreads, to Mexican corn tortillas and traditional plaited Jewish chollah bread. Our popular Bread Making class teaches a range of techniques used to make both sweet and savoury breads that are both leavened and unleavened, all using Shipton Mill flours.

If you want something more specialist why not join us for Dan Lepard’s Sourdough Masterclass on September the 28th. From crust to crumb, you’ll leave with loads of learning after a fantastic day with Dan. Find out more about Dan’s teaching and learnings when it comes to bread, in our Q&A with the Australian baker and food writer.

A level results are out!


Congratulations to all who received their A Level results yesterday. If anyone is looking for a gap year course, or wants to kick start a career in hospitality, our professional, fast track Cook’s Certificate in Food & Wine fits the bill perfectly.

Starting on September 11th, this immersive program is your ticket to a new career in food. But don’t take our word for it. Let Ed’s experience do the talking: “Cookery School is a haven for serious culinary education, wrapped in a warm and personal approach. The team’s infectious enthusiasm for nurturing your cooking skills is truly remarkable.”

Find out more or secure your spot here

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