Cookery School at Little Portland Street is one of London’s leading cooking schools. With a focus on sustainability and education, we endeavour to demystify cooking, removing jargon and celebrating good home cooking skills. Our kitchen is run with the environment in mind, so we only use high quality, sustainable, primarily organic ingredients and equipment that can be found in most home kitchens.




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Acquire a lovely and varied cake repertoire, including butter cakes, oil-based cakes and quick cakes.⁠
⁠ Still trying to perfect the perfect Sunday roast chicken? Join us this March, to learn how to make the perfect crisp skin, succulent meat and all the trimmings! Want to start your chef career asap, without having to wait 3 years to get a qualification? Our 6 week fast track professional cook's certificate course will have you kitchen ready in just 6 weeks, with the additional in-depth knowledge of sustainability and seasonality.⁠
⁠ Still on track with your new year new healthy eating regime, but running out of inspiring dishes? Our healthy eating class is jam packed with nutritionally balanced and filling dishes!⁠
⁠ Wanted: scholarship applicants with a socially driven foodie dream for our 6-week
Cook's Certificate in Food & Wine @cookeryschoollondon. Need some support to make your dream possible?

The scholarship winner will receive a place free of charge on the course and master the fundamentals of cooking; principles, techniques, sourcing, planning, menu writing, budgeting & sustainability.

Learn with our expert chefs, inc. @danlepard and Jon Hogan @h_o_g_a_n_chocolate 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 and get the chance to gain work experience in a top professional kitchen, such as @artizian_01 @thecinnamoncollection @honeyandco @yauatchasoho & @restaurantmoro !

Find out more and join the next generation of cooks.
Apply by 4 Feb 2020 to start March 2020 full-time.
👉👉👉👉 👈👈👈👈 Any good sauce starts with the freshest and the best quality ingredients!⁠ Join us for a class dedicated to sauces, teaching principles that you can apply to all sauces when you're experimenting at home.⁠
Three hours - thirteen sauces!⁠
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#newskills #homecooking #sauces #culinarywizard⁠