Cooking Courses



We run a range of different evening and daytime cooking courses in London for all abilities, including absolute beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. From our four-day intensive courses to our eight-week evening sessions, you are sure to find a course to suit you and your lifestyle.

As with any Cookery School cooking class, we endeavour to make cooking as accessible as we can, breaking down the myths and jargon to ensure that everyone leaves us feeling confident that they can recreate the dishes they’ve learnt at home.


Professional course COOK’S CERTIFICATE IN FOOD & WINE (six weeks full-time)
A fast track course that covers the fundamentals of cooking. Includes professional qualification
Level 1 ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS (four days full-time, or eight evening lessons)
For those wanting to learn cooking skills from scratch, one topic at a time
Level 2 INTERMEDIATE (four days full-time, or evening lessons over eight weeks)
For those that want to hone their home cooking skills with an overview to many culinary topics and techniques
Vegetarian ESSENTIAL VEGETARIAN COURSE (Evening lessons over eight weeks)
For beginners or those with a basic knowledge of cooking who are looking to include more plant-based foods in their diet
For teenagers  TEEN COOKING CAMP (five-day intensive)
Ideal for teenagers who are keen to learn the essential basics of cooking during school holidays
Fundamentals of baking THE ULTIMATE BAKING COURSE (four days full-time or evening lessons over eight weeks)
For those that want to bake!
Advanced baking ADVANCED BAKING COURSE (evening lessons over eight weeks)
For those who already have a good knowledge of baking but would like to take their skills to the next level


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