Half Term in the Cookery School Kitchen – a special offer

Half Term Cookery Class

Our Half Term Cookery Class will turn your teens from baked beans to brilliance!

And just like that the ground is littered with leaves and conkers, shops are filled with Christmas paraphernalia and pumpkins get their moment. We start to crave soups, stews and warm baked goods and half term is just around the corner.

Book two places on any class during the last week of October, Saturday 21st – Sunday 29th and get 20% off


Courses and classes include Teen Cooking Camp, Bread Making, French Breakfast Pastries, Gluten Free Baking, Pasta, Risotto & Gnocchi, A Flavour of the Middle East and more! If you’re tempted by French Breakfast Pastries then read our puff pastry class review by Antonia Lloyd, Ambassador for Women In The Food Industry here.

“The irresistible French breakfast feast was demystified and the prospect of our own pastry chilling to take home and create our own later in the week was almost too much!” – Antonia Lloyd


Half Term Cookery Class for Teenagers

Got a teenager who is a curious cook or fervent foodie?

Why not sign them up for our half-term Cooking Camp for Teens?

A precursor to leaving home for university, college or travelling, skills to cook for friends or simply to give you a night off, this course takes teenagers from baked beans to brilliance in five days. What could be more fun?

On the first day they cover bread making, the principles of soup making, roasting chicken pieces and vegetables, making a fruit salad and baking chocolate brownies. The week is fun and filled with skills and techniques that encompass healthy eating and a balanced diet as well as sweet treats.

Each day kicks off with everyone enjoying breakfast on arrival. Additionally, after lunch we give the students some activities and challenges which are always a hit. Confidence in the kitchen gives you skills for life and not only in the kitchen – we see teens leave with improved social skills, a better understanding of learning new things, and an increased awareness of food provenance and health.

Find out more about our classes and courses and call us on 020 7631 4590 to discuss your requirements!

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