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As a leading cooking school in London, we have all the tools, tips and tricks to provide comprehensive culinary training. As well as the priceless experience to equip you with skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Students leave us with a Level 3 Certificate from OCN London, and a WSET Level 2 qualification in wine. And, crucially, the confidence to take steps towards a career in food, to become a professional chef or simply a brilliant home cook.


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Do you spend your days reviewing recipe after recipe? Devouring episodes of Bake Off and Masterchef? And dreaming of what culinary creation you can whip up in the kitchen? Then our professional cooking course is for you! During the course, you’ll spend six whole weeks blissing out on pasta, pancakes, poultry, puddings, puff pastry, pickles, preserves and more. After which you will graduate with both the confidence and competence to embrace the next step in your culinary journey.


Having just completed this course I cannot recommend it enough – the school is amazing and the teachers quite brilliant. Knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic, insightful and inspiring – you can even do a wine course alongside. Make the time to do it! – Georgia 



Who is this cooking course suitable for?

This London-based cooking course is suitable for anyone with an interest in cooking. For anyone who wants to develop their existing skills and repertoire or gain professional chef training. Moreover, the intensive structure will equip you with the knowledge, skills, expertise and confidence to follow your food dreams. Whether this be in catering, yacht or chalet cooking or professional kitchens.


Professional cooking course group

What you’ll learn from the cooking course

As one of London’s leading cookery schools, we have been educating hospitality professionals for over eight years. As a result, we have seen them go onto some of London’s best restaurants and hospitality businesses. This cooking course is designed to help you master the fundamentals of cooking, covering not only techniques but sourcing, planning, menu writing, budgeting, sustainability and more. Furthermore, you’ll also have the opportunity to take on work experience in your final week. Topics include:

Salads, dressings and vegetables Pastry: puff, shortcrust, sweet shortcrust & choux
Soups and stews Bread and sourdough making
Roasts and Yorkshire pudding Cake, biscuits, macarons, scones, muffins and pancakes
Pasta, risotto and gnocchi Chocolate tempering and shaping
Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai and other cuisines Knife skills
Savoury and sweet sauces Menu planning

Everything about the six-week Cook’s Certificate was excellent. It’s a sizeable undertaking of time and money, but I thought it was well worth every second and every penny. Cookery School is extremely serious about teaching cooking, but manage to go about it in a very relaxed and personal way. The staff are all faultlessly enthusiastic and passionate about making you a better cook, and the days really flew by. – Ed



Cooking Course snapshot

Hours: Over 200 hours of practical learning and additional study.

Schedule: Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4pm for six weeks.

Class size: Limited to 12 participants with a high teacher to pupil ratio.

Next steps: Career advice and work experience in a professional kitchen for a top London restaurant or caterer.

What you’ll need: A chef’s jacket and trousers. We’ll supply the rest.



Level 3 Certificate from Open College Network (OCN) London.

A Level 2 Award in Wines from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET).

Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Food Safety from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

A Level 2 Sustainable Kitchen accreditation from OCN London.

Before I enrolled in Cook’s Certificate Course, I was an absolute 0 in cooking, I just didn’t even know anything about cooking, not even the basic things.I can now proudly say that I know mostly about cooking! And I’m confident enough to cook for my family and friends, and hopefully build my own restaurants one day! – Metha



The cost of the professional cooking course is £8,500. This includes the cost of OCN Level 3 certification, WSET (wine) Level 2 Award, Level 2 Food Safety certificate, Sustainable Kitchen accreditation, all necessary ingredients and equipment, as well as a daily fresh apron.

We are happy to take payment in instalments with an upfront 50% deposit. However, the final payment must be made at least two weeks before the start of the course. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a professional development loan from the government or you may be eligible for four months credit at 0% interest from PayPal. We take payment via PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

I came into the course with little to zero knowledge of cooking and left the course being able to create magnificent dishes. Now, I am so much more confident and comfortable in a kitchen environment, and I’ve been able to make enjoyable meals for my family and friends, which is the best feeling! I highly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in improving their home-cooking skills, as well as those who want to pursue cooking professionally.Malvika 


What next?

If you would like to have a taster session, enroll in one of our classes or courses and we will deduct this from the cost of the Cook’s Certificate when you sign up.

Should you be ready to find out more, register your interest using the form on the right.  We will then arrange a time for our Principal to give you a call or to meet with you to discuss the course in more detail.

For further information, call us on 020 7631 4590 or email or complete the enrolment form below:

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    Case study: Where are they now?

    This couldn’t have been a better place to confirm my love of cookery. They are oozing with passion and each teacher is wonderfully attentive. I learnt a huge number of new recipes, amazing techniques and most of all, I now see that cooking can be easy and fun. I was extremely happy with the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to be a really good cook. – Sorcha 


    Professional Cooking Course


    What if I have a special dietary requirement?

    We try to accommodate dietary requirements as best we can and do our best to provide alternatives where possible. However, some classes are simply not designed to accommodate special dietary requirements, for example, we can not make entire baking classes gluten free or make croissants without butter.

    If you have any questions about what we can provide, please call us before making your booking on 0207 631 4590. Please put a note in the “dietary requirements” box at the checkout if you have any requirements or allergies at all, even if you do not think it it is relevent!

    Will I have my own work station?

    We do not have individual hobs for every person but rather a group of hobs at one end of the kitchen. In most classes you will be working in small groups to create the recipes. As a whole class you will make everything listed on the website but the only way we can cover the huge variety of dishes listed is by dividing the class into smaller groups.  When there are key skills that need to be learned by the whole class, the teacher will pause the group and gather everyone together to explain/show it so by the end of the class everyone understands how each dish was made.

    What age range do you allow in classes?

    We are happy for anyone of any age to attend. If they are very young, an adult needs to work with them, in which case we would only charge for one space. We aren’t a creche service though so no dump-and-runs while you go shopping! Teenagers may like to join our Summer Cooking Camp where they will be with other kids the same age.

    Will I get the recipes?

    Sustainability has always been part of our ethos which is why we made the decision not to print recipes for students to take home with them, except when printed recipes are specifically requested. Instead, we email the recipes to students shortly after the class.

    Can I change my booking?

    You may transfer to an alternative class if you give us notice not less than 21 days before the date of the class. In this case, we will rebook you on to your selected class or issue a voucher valid for one year from date of issue. Transfers or issuing of a voucher will be subject to an administration fee of £15. Confirmed bookings are not eligible for refunds or cancellations under any circumstances. If you cannot attend a class you may send someone else in your place, just let us know the name of the attendee in advance of the class, where possible.

    Can I take home the food I make?

    At the end of most classes you will sit down around the Cookery School table and enjoy the food that you have made. Any food that is leftover from this is kept for staff lunches so nothing goes to waste

    The exception to this is that you are welcome to take home the chicken that you de-bone in the meat & poultry class provided you bring a chiller bag with you and we provide you with a freezer block. Additionally, many of the items in our baking classes and courses are low risk and safe to take home so you will need a carrier bag of some sort.

    We have very little waste as we order based on the number of people in the class.  We generally do not allow people to take food home because we have found that many people come into central London, do a class at Cookery School and then go off to the theatre, cinema, clubbing or shopping.  During that time the food that left Cookery School in good condition, deteriorates and can cause illness.

    Can I take the Intermediate cooking course without taking the Beginners Course first?

    Absolutely! If you have been cooking a bit already at home then you are welcome to skip the Beginners course.

    Will I receive a certificate?

    Our six week professional cooking course, Cook’s Certificate, is the only accredited course we run. You will receive a Cook’s Level 3 Training certificate from OCN London at the end of this course.

    If you would like a certificate of attendance from any other class or course, we are happy to provide one. Just make a note of this in the ‘notes’ section at the checkout.

    What do I need to bring?

    You do not need to bring anything with you to most classes. However, if you are taking the Ultimate Meat & Poultry Class you should bring a chiller bag for your de-boned chicken and for any baking class or course, please bring a carrier bag to take home some of the items you make. 

    Please make sure you are wearing closed toe shoes.

    Will I be the only person there who doesn’t know anybody?

    Not at all! The majority of our students come alone. We pride ourselves on having friendly staff and our kitchen is very un-intimidating and relaxed so you don’t need to feel scared of attending alone.

    I have a pacemaker or electrical implant – can I attend a class?

    Induction hobs use electromagnetic technology which may interfere with cardiac pacemakers or electrical implants, such as insulin pumps. We use induction hobs in our kitchen so recommend that if you use a cardiac pacemaker or electrical implant you remain a safe distance from the hobs.

    Upcoming Courses

    • At Cookery School London
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