Seasonal Workers and Chalet Cooks – We have a range of Flexible Cookery Courses for You

We have a range of Flexible Cookery Courses for Seasonal Workers


From chalet cooks to private cooks for villas and boats across Europe and beyond, we offer a variety of seasonal cookery training courses, depending on your interests, requirements and timeframe.

Tried and tested, our courses deliver results to ensure that you have a confident and enjoyable time cooking up a storm on your season abroad!

Everyone can find a suitable Cookery School course to set them up quickly to do a season in the kitchen. Our courses are designed to ensure there is something for everyone. If you are a novice cook, we suggest doing our Level 1 Beginner Intensive course followed by our Level 2 Intermediate Intensive course, by which time you will be kitchen confident, armed with principles, recipes and plans to produce great meals.  If you are a basic cook, our Level 2 Intermediate Course will provide you with the extra training that you require to boost your culinary confidence and enjoy the season. If you simply want a refresher course, our five day Crash Course in Learning to Cook would fit the bill admirably.

Not only will you and your guests have great fun, they’ll go away with some culinary skills to use at home, again and again.


What’s different about our courses for chalet cooks?


Whatever course(s) you choose to do, you will be given an extra session at the end of each course to learn about menu planning and practice planning menus together as a group. You will also receive two and a half hours of training to help you gain a Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate. As well as the Cookery School recipe cards which come with the course, you will be provided with a series of menu suggestions that you can turn to, for meals that are not tricky to produce, but are truly delicious.

For ski chalet cooks we will address the altitude issues that can sometimes effect cooking and baking.


Please contact us and we can arrange for you to visit the school or we can have a chat with you over the phone to provide full details of what our courses entail and what we think would help you achieve your goals.

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