RECIPE: Soft and hard boiled egg


soft and hard boil egg recipe

soft and hard boil egg recipe

At Cookery School we teach to empower so that everyone has the confidence to replicate recipes again and again at home. We also teach by principle – for example, if you can understand how to make one soup, you can make a whole range of different soups using the same principle.

During our time at home, in isolation, these principles have never been more pertinent, when we all need to cook a lot more. We will be sharing simple, home-cooked weekly recipes with you, so that your experience of cooking during Covid-19 is a positive one, with new recipes learnt and delicious dishes enjoyed.

Soft and hard boiled basic principles 

Boiled eggs, whether hard or soft, provide a quick, easy and nutritious meal. Everyone has their own method of boiling eggs, as they do for boiling rice, but this is how we like to do it. When hard-boiling eggs, it is worth boiling a few more and popping them in the fridge to eat the following day in a salad or sandwich. Looking for a simple soft and hard boil egg recipe? Here is our soft and hard boil egg recipe.

Perfect boiled eggs
Feeds 1

Allow 2 eggs per person


1. Place the eggs in a saucepan of suitable size to accommodate them comfortably
and cover with water. Allow approximately 2.5cm / 1 inch of water above the level
of the eggs.
2. Bring the water up to the boil and then turn it down to a simmer, but ensure that
water is still moving gently. Cook the eggs for 4 minutes for an egg that is soft but
not wobbly. With the risk of salmonella, I prefer to cook eggs for at least 4 minutes.
3. For an egg that is soft but not wobbly, cook for 6 minutes.
4. For a hard-boiled egg, cook for 8–10 minutes. If you boil eggs for too long, they
will develop an unsightly greyish colour around the yolk.
5. Immediately remove eggs that are to be served soft-boiled from water once the
correct cooking time has been reached and serve straight away. It helps to remove
eggs from water using a slotted spoon.
6. For hard-boiled eggs, once the correct cooking time has been reached, pour cold
water over them and allow to cool before peeling.

If you would like to learn hands on how to perfect your eggs, why not join us for our Perfect Eggs class?

Cooking during Covid-19
We have a wealth of experience to share in these unprecedented times if you need help cooking during Coronavirus. We’ll be giving you tips and recipes on using store cupboard ingredients, preserving, pickling & above all making the most of your valuable ingredients & not wasting food. PLEASE let us have YOUR questions and SHARE on Facebook or Instagram what you’ve been cooking & our founder Rosalind will be able to get back to you with answers so we can all learn from each other.