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If you’re planning an away-day, a summer party or a team building session, we can help.  We do all of the organising and can accomodate company values and themes within the kitchen, to provide something truly memorable, motivating and of course, delicious.

Our corporate events are perfect to excite and engage staff, colleagues, clients and partners. Best of all we can create something totally bespoke for you. Whether you want get staff together for chocolate-making class, create a fun Bake Off Challenge or create a three course meal with a wine pairing, we can design a private summer party that caters to all specific dietary needs and preferences.

Our events cover team building, client entertaining and make highly creative and memorable days for leadership and development purposes.

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“We hosted a corporate team-building outing here for ~20 folks and had an absolute blast. The event itself was a “competitive bake-off” — we received pre-written recipes, measured ingredients, hands-on instructors, a panel of “judges” to select a winner at the end (and plenty of wine before/after). The instructors struck a great balance between being well-organized enough to allow us all to have fun without fretting about the details, but still keeping it unstructured enough for us to demonstrate our skills (or lack thereof).
Paloma was also a pleasure to work with to organize the event.
Would definitely recommend this venue for your future events!” 

“Thank you so much for having the DP team and myself for such a brilliant evening!
This is such a great experience, especially for corporate/work teams as a fun event and team building while still getting to learn some useful and insightful skills.
The work you do is inspiring and making the food was almost as good as it tasted!
It truly was a seamless and eye opening evening that even people such as myself who aren’t well versed in the cooking arts can produce a fine dish with guidance.
Your methods for obtaining the food and sustainable cooking are so well thought, executed and serve as a great example for the industry, I was and am still very impressed.”    
James from DP Systems

“An absolutely fantastic event – great from a team-building aspect but also we got to sit down together and enjoy a fabulous meal with delicious wines. The school team were brilliant and no matter what the level of cooking expertise within the room, we all learned a lot.”  Rachel

“Organised an incredible corporate team building event at Rosalind’s cooking school. So much detail went into the evening and Rosalind was incredible throughout the planning and execution of the event. We prepared a delicious meal with aid from all of Rosalind’s amazing team including a team competition. The overall evening was a massive success for our company and we would definitely come again.” Nairn

“We all had a thoroughly wonderful time!. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel very welcome & comfortable. I’m sure there were lots of different cooking skills amongst us all, but it didn’t seem to matter, so no one felt out of place. So thank you to yourself & the lovely chefs and their helpers.” NHS

[Confidentiality is our secret ingredient, so we cannot give company names in some of the above quotes.]

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At Cookery School we are experienced at running team building events throughout the year with diverse seasonal menus, from classic French and best of British to Mexican, if you want to get staff in the holiday mood, cooking something totally different.

There are many opportunities where some bonding time is just the ticket to keep your teams, clients and business happy and productive.

Give our team an email or call on 020 7631 4590 and brief us on your needs and we’ll come up with a great package for your budget.

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