One thing that strikes us is that the food/recipe combinations that accompany convincing gut health books are a little too medicinal and unappealing.  We know that one can produce wonderful meals but that are, at the same time, good for your gut so in this class we will be producing an array of dishes that do just that.

In this workshop Justine Pattison, a leading food writer who contributes to some of the UK’s bestselling magazines and newspapers, will be joining us. She specialises in creating healthy eating recipes and her recipes and diet plans have featured in books totalling over 3 million sales. Justine has been working closely with the UK’s top gut expert Professor Tim Spector and is the author of The Healthy Gut Handbook, a no-nonsense approach to good gut health. Justine shares the Cookery School food philosophy so we are very excited about working with her to help you understand how to increase your gut biomes.

Justine will talk about how to eat to achieve optimal gut health and answer your questions.  Some of her answers will be surprising.  You will then learn to cook nutrient dense meals, made from seasonal and local ingredients, and then sit down to enjoy the food together as a group.

We will welcome you with various dips, seasonal crudité, olives and a glass of organic red wine.

You Will Learn How To Make

  • kimchi (to take home with you)
  • Jerusalem artichoke soup with a nut and seed topping
  • bitter salad leaves with an anchovy dressing
  • a delicious mixed pulse salad also featuring leeks, garlic and olive oil
  • chopped market salad full of delicious seasonal veg, fruit, nuts and seeds
  • a kefir dressing and a good vinaigrette – both chock a block full of garlic and olive oil
  • chocolate olive oil mousse
  • La Fromagerie unpasteurised blue cheese with red grapes – to enjoy eating and not making!



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Class Snapshot

  • Learn about the importance of a healthy gut
  • Expert teaching and advice, using standard home kitchen equipment
  • Leave with the knowledge and understanding to make the delicious recipes at home
  • Hands on experience
  • You will use sustainably sourced, high quality, organic ingredients
  • You will never wash up - we take care of that for you always!