This is our intensive version of the Essential Vegetarian course, run intensively over four days, instead of one evening a week for eight weeks.

Following the success of our one day vegetarian classes, we are launching this brand new vegetarian cooking course. It’s designed for beginners or those with a basic knowledge of cooking who are looking for fresh inspiration to include more plant based foods in their diet. This exciting course will show you how to eat seasonally, create nutritionally balanced meals, teach you some of the fundamental techniques of cookery and make you a more confident cook.

We have always encouraged people to eat less meat to minimise our impact on the environment so we are pleased that more and more people are keen to learn about vegetarian cooking. The vegetarian food we make is delicious in its own right and never a weak substitute for those that do not eat meat. We have also included a session on vegan desserts that are decadent and indulgent.

At the start of each session you will be welcomed with breakfast to fuel you for the day ahead. At the end of each class you will sit down to enjoy eating all that you have made with a glass of wine and have the opportunity to ask the teacher any questions.

We are happy for students to pay for this course in up to three instalments with the final payment made at least one week before the course starts. If you would like to do this then please phone us to book your place.

Day 1

Stocks & soups

Learn to make delicious soups and stocks. We will start this class with a demonstration on how to make vegetable stock and dashi before you start the hands-on work. You will learn to make puy lentil & vegetable soup, cauliflower & white bean soup, butternut nut butter soup, vegetable & soba noodle soup. Once you can make one soup, the possibilities are endless. Delicious and nutritious, soups are the ultimate comfort food and great to whip up for a simple lunch or a dinner party starter

Stews & casseroles

You will be amazed at how many dishes are based on the principle of a basic stew. You will learn to make Moroccan vegetable stew with couscous and harissa yoghurt, mushroom bolognese with soft and grilled polenta, vegetarian shepherd’s pie with root vegetable mash, seasonal barley risotto, vegetarian lasagne.

Day 2

Sauces, dips & breads

We bust the myth that breadmaking is tricky. In this lesson you will learn to make and shape a few simple bread doughs, which will accompany a range of dips and sauces. You will learn to make lentil daal with paratha, socca with herbed tahini and green salad, hummous and pitta, vegan ranch dip, pea & mint dip, almond crackers, pizza with tomato sauce and toppings, shakshuka (using tomato sauce).  You will leave us confident in understanding how to make, shape and bake a good basic bread and create dips that can be extended to many other recipes.

Salads & dressings

Delicious and substantial salads and dressings will become part of your repertoire. Learn how to make delicious salads and dressings – grilled lettuce salad with vegan Caesar dressing, mixed pulse salad with lemon and olive oil, seasonal chopped market salad with honey mustard dressing, potato salad made with vegan mayonnaise, tabbouleh, mixed vegetable vinaigrette salad.

Day 3

Roasts & confit

Use your oven to best advantage and learn to make confit squash or pumpkin, lentil & quinoa loaf, squash, chestnut & pistachio roast, cauliflower steak with tahini sauce, stuffed roasted aubergine, roasted fennel with puy lentils and orange vinaigrette.

Grills & griddles

Grilling and griddling is a great way to cook healthy food as it uses very little oil. You will learn to make mixed grilled vegetables, veggie kebabs with halloumi cheese, bean burgers with sweet potato chips and BBQ sauce,  grilled tempeh. You will also learn how to put together these elements to create healthy, balanced dishes known as “buddha bowls.”

Day 4

Pastry & pies

In this class, you will master the techniques needed to be able to make and use perfect pastry. You will learn to make quiche with olive oil pastry, spanakopita (using ready made filo pastry), mushroom & hazelnut tarts with walnut & oat pastry, beet bourgignon pot pie (using pre-made puff pastry), apple pie with sweet shortcrust pastry.

Vegan sweets & desserts

We’ve created some decadent vegan desserts that do not compromise on flavour. You will learn to make coconut vanilla ice cream, meringues (made with aquafaba), chocolate brownies, frozen coconut cheesecake, chocolate olive oil mousse.


Upcoming Courses

  • At Cookery School London
    near Oxford Circus
  • Tuesday 02, Wednesday 03, Thursday 04, Friday 05 July - 2019
  • 10am - 3pm