The best sustainable food and drink brands



sustainable food and drink brands


Toast Ale

Beer from bread? That’s the promise of Toast Ale, an award-winning beer brand based in London. They transform unsold loaves and unused crusts into craft beers and then donate 100% of the profits to Feedback, a charity that’s campaigning to end food waste. They’ve got four core beers, as well as a range of collaborations, meaning there’s something for every beer buff.


sustainable food and drink brands



With humble origins in an East London nightclub back in 2012, Dalstons turns out sodas infused with fruits from local markets. The environment has been top of mind since day dot, with all products packaged in recycled aluminum and multipacks stored in cardboard, not shrinkwrap. While production is no longer in the nightclub, they remain local to East London, ensuring no air miles.


sustainable food and drink brands


Original Beans

Organic, ethically sourced, plastic free and climate positive – what more could you ask from a chocolate bar? Original Beans produces a range of chocolates, sourced from plantations all over the world that are guaranteed slavery free. Sustainability is built into the supply chain, with initiatives such as the direct purchase of cacao at two times the Fairtrade price and the planting of a tree for every bar bought.


Rubies in the Rubble

Back in 2011, Jenny Costa came up with an innovative way to use up fruit and vegetables that weren’t making it to supermarket shelves – transforming them into high-end chutneys and relishes. These days, the range includes apple and ginger chutney, hot banana chutney and London piccalilli, as well as ketchup and aquafaba mayo, all of which are available across major supermarkets.



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