Online team building & corporate entertainment

If you are looking for unusual corporate team building events or a creative way to entertain clients, our range of carefully planned events could be just the ticket.  We will be able to host your event in our kitchens from the end of September, but in the interim have a great choice of interactive online sessions available.

Our corporate cookery events are relaxed and informal but very structured so that they run like clockwork. All events are a fun and memorable way to reward your staff or entertain clients in a way that also encourages team bonding and collaboration. These are values that will go on to enrich your workplace well after the cooking has finished.  Despite being very socially distanced online, our events are really good fun and will be particularly memorable in years to come when we look back at this time of surrealistic pandemic.

You will decide on a menu that you think that your team would like to cook and we will provide ideas that always incorporate learning of new skills.  Menus can be based on any cuisine of your choice or you may fancy a competition like a homestyle bake-off. At the end, everyone sits down at their own kitchen tables to enjoy eating what has been cooked.  Few online events can promise such a delicious finish. Bon appétit!

How the events work

  • We help the organiser decide on the sort of event that their team would like to do and, apart from each person having to ensure that they have the requisite ingredients at home ready to use, there is nothing more to do, as the efficient Cookery School staff will take over completely to demonstrate any necessary techniques and to guide your team through a fun filled cooking session.
  • It is more fun if the team are only given an ingredient list with no idea of what they will be cooking as that element of surprise adds to the thrill of the event.  We tend to ask for everyday ingredients that can be magicked up into wicked meals or used in awesome bake-offs.



Choose your menu

We can also design a bespoke menu for you, factoring in any dietary requirements.    VIEW THE MENUS


Our packages

Online interactive events - £40 per person plus VAT per hour

  • This means that we can work within your budget.  To give you an idea : in an hour you could produce a wonderful set of choux buns filled with whipped cream and topped with a rich hot chocolate ganache sauce.  Alternatively, within that time you could whizz up a prawn cocktail with a homemade Marie Rose sauce to eat with freshly baked corn bread.  A souffle and salad would take about the same amount of time to cook – and you would learn tricks of making a great dressing too.
  • If you wanted to produce a three course meal you would require a two hour session to do the cooking.
  • Cookery School staff would be very happy to leave you alone on Zoom at that point to enjoy a great social office meal.


Christmas Corporate Online Events - £40 per person plus VAT per hour

  • Having done a number of these, there is something homely with teams working together with each person in their own kitchens.  These classes seem to be relaxed and informal.  Best thing about them is that a spouse or kids can even join in a work event!
  • We would suggest a two hour event so that something scrumptious can be put together for Christmas with everyone cooking along together, all being equally busy.
  • The session ends with everyone eating what has been cooked and washing it down with a glass of wine. Cookery School staff would be very happy to leave you alone on Zoom at that point to enjoy a great social office meal.


Event Snapshot

  • 17 years of experience in running events
  • Friendly and experienced chef tutors
  • Informal but highly structured events that run like clockwork
  • Menus tailored to suit the preferences and dietary requirements of the group
  • We can accommodate up to 50 people
  • Every event incorporates challenging techniques
  • Each attendee will receive a recipe pack