In this Mex Mex (as opposed to Tex Mex) class,  Kelly Peak of the wonderful Cool Chile company, will introduce you to the authentic flavours of Mexico and how to achieve them in your own cooking.

The session will start with familiarising you about the ingredients and spices.  You will then learn a few essential techniques that form the basis of Mexican cuisine like grilling tomatoes, making salsas and preparing and cooking your own tortillas.

On arrival you will enjoy a flor de Jamaica margarita with a traditional welcome snack and then go on to cook a meal to be enjoyed around the Cookery School table with a hibiscus flower iced tea.

You Will Learn To Make

  • Tortillas de maiz (Handmade corn tortillas)
  • Tostadas de tinga de pollo (Crunchy tortillas topped with shredded chicken in a chipotle, tomato and tomatillo sauce)
  • Pescado en pipían verde (Catch of the day in a spicy pumpkin seed, roasted tomatillo and green chile sauce
  • Ensalada de espinacas con vinagreta de flor de Jamaica (Spinach salad with hibiscus flower dressing)
  • Arroz con leche (Mexican spiced rice pudding)
  • Agua fresca de flor de Jamaica (Hibiscus flower iced tea)



Upcoming Classes

  • At Cookery School London
    near Oxford Circus
  • Saturday 03 August 2019
  • 4.30pm - 7.30pm


Class Snapshot

  • Roasting tomatillos and tomatoes
  • Toasting and grinding seeds
  • How to make a tortilla
  • How to make tostadas
  • Leave with the knowledge and understanding to make the delicious recipes at home
  • Hands on experience
  • You will use sustainably sourced, best quality ingredients – organic where possible
  • Receive an emailed pack of the recipes made during the class
  • No washing up – we take care of that for you!