Fish Shellfish Cooking Course London

In this enlightening fish cooking course you will learn how to choose, prepare and cooking the freshest sustainable fish and shellfish. Along with the best restaurants in London, Cookery School is at the forefront of ensuring that cooking fish will not deplete our oceans. The fish we use are are always seasonal, line-caught and local.

During this intensive fish cooking course, you will master techniques such as skinning, filleting and boning. You will also learn the most appropriate methods of cooking fish and shellfish, including grilling, frying, baking, poaching and steaming. We will make a range of beautiful sauces, including hollandaise, tartare, gooseberry, green salsa and a fresh chilli sauce.

In the afternoon we will welcome you with some delicious nibbles and a choice of our wonderful Hasbeans coffee, Tregothnan tea, or glass of wine. The session ends with a feast around the Cookery School table, accompanied by matched wine, tea or coffee, and dessert. You will leave us feeling confident about cooking fish and shellfish at home.




You Will Learn To Cook

  • the tastiest of fish stews with a lobster bisque base
  • calamari braised in red wine
  • pollock with a black butter, parsley and caper sauce
  • mussels Provencal
  • catch of the day baked with a salt crust – depending on what the fishermen bring in
  • griddled diver scallop salad with an oriental dressing
  • grilled prawns in the Mozambique style with green salsa or a fresh chilli sauce
  • fish cakes with a sauce tartare
  • poached catch of the day with a hollandaise sauce
  • soused herring
  • mackerel with a gooseberry sauce
  • smoked mackerel pate