Cookery Courses

We run a range of different courses through from 6 weekly (one evening a week), 3 full day cookery courses at four different levels and a pastry course, through to our six week fast track Cook’s Certificate. In all of these we endeavour to make cooking as accessible as we can; to break down cookery myths and jargon and to enable everyone to leave us feeling sufficiently confident to return home to make the dishes that have been learnt on their chosen course.

Our courses have proved to be successful and appealing to all ages and varying abilities and our summer course are particularly popular with gap year students.


for those that are wanting to learn cooking skills from scratch based on one topic at a time
Level 2 BEGINNERS – a meal at a time
basic skills are taught through learning an entire meal at a time so developing a quick repertoire
Level 3 INTERMEDIATE – proper home cooking skills
for those that want to hone their skills it is an overview to many culinary topics and techniques; Ie everything that you want to know about…
spend time learning about those techniques considered tricky but made easily accessible
Cook’s Certificate COOK’S CERTIFICATE
a six week fast track course that covers all that someone wanting to go into small scale catering needs to know
A Short Course in Baking A SHORT COURSE IN BAKING
for those that would simply like to learn more about the skills required to bake well
Gap Year/Intensive Course


This five day intensive course is for those who keen on learning about ingredients and the essential basics of cooking in an easy and fun way