What’s Cooking in the UK?

With all the talk of UPFs (Ultra Processed Foods) we’ve been reflecting on how much we were all cooking, baking and growing our own food during the pandemic. Are we still doing these things? On Googling this question two news pieces to note came up, 1. ‘How we became hooked on takeaways’ and 2. ‘More than a quarter of people in the UK have never boiled an egg’.

Disclaimer – we’ve not fully researched this but in short, we could not find a clear answer or data to confirm that we still have the appetite (or time) to cook, bake and grow.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, UPFs are the centre of attention across the globe, from Australia, to the UK, to the US. We are all starting to tune into the idea that we eat too many ultra processed foods, we’re reading the ingredients lists on our packaged foods and starting to think about how we can eat fewer of these potentially harmful and not very healthy foods.

Kick UPFs to the curb and cook more at home!

As some of you already know, we think confidence in cooking home cooked meals using fresh ingredients is a big part of the solution to the health crises that we are all currently surrounded by. If you need some kitchen confidence see our tips on meal prep, to help you take control of your kitchen cupboards and plan meals, have the right ingredients to hand and use batch cooking as a stress-free way to avoid buying prepared meals.

Talking of batch cooking, read about the Batch Lady – an inspiration to us all, she went from being a time management specialist (so she knows what she’s talking about) to batch cooking in order to have more time to spend with family and friends. If you want advice on what ingredients and foods to look for and what to leave out of your diet then read our post on avoiding the additives.

Next time you’re thinking about what to cook, why not try making some of our favourite recipes, from a simple mushroom pate, to a delicious herb filled spanakopita, to a seasonal apple crumble and vanilla poached pears.


This month at Cookery School

Join us for a class this month – learn something new, top up your tips and have a sociable and fun time in the Cookery School kitchens. We’ve got everything from Sauces and Knife Skills, to Meat & Poultry and Fish & Shellfish, to Eating Deliciously for a Healthy Gut and Dan Lepard’s Sourdough Masterclass.

Lastly, we enjoyed Eater’s piece on Making dinner in your rice cooker – it’s very American, entertaining and offers up food for thought