Welcome to the Wild West End

Wild West End’s vision is to enhance biodiversity in the West End of London. Despite there being a considerable amount of green space in the city, there aren’t enough connections between them to protect the birds, bees and bats, among other wildlife. One of Wild West End’s main initiatives is to attract the Black Redstart and the House Sparrow, both species once common in London.























According to the Wild West End website, “there is increasing evidence that links access to green space to socio-economic factors, including better social cohesion, lower stress, and higher levels of satisfaction and wellbeing. Wild West End will benefit not just wildlife and the environment, but all those who come to the area whether it is to live, work, study or simply visit.”.

It’s great to see so many commercial landlords join in this initiative and we’re proud to be working with Crown Estate, using one of their rooftops as a shared allotment. We’re growing herbs and vegetables high above the incessant stream of people rushing along Regent Street.

Edwin, a long-standing member of our kitchen team, has been tending to the allotment daily. His hard work paid off when he was awarded ‘Best Allotment’ and ‘Best Diary of the Allotment’ by Regent Street Association, having competed with other businesses on top of the same rooftop.

Throughout the summer, Edwin has been growing a variety of produce such as thyme, coriander, garlic, onions and so much more! Everything harvested was then used in our cooking classes. For example, basil was used in our green salsa, and mint was used in our tea and tagines.

Wild West End aim to enhance biodiversity and ecological connectivity whilst raising awareness and promoting the benefits of green infrastructure in order to inspire others to participate and create similar initiatives. We are so keen to help support, work with and promote these types of initiatives as they are so worthwhile and invaluable. Wild West End reflect our ethos of trying to leave the planet in a slightly better state than how we found it and operate consciously to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Find out more information and keep up to date with their events and activities here.