Slow Food Week 2013

We were thrilled to be able to host an evening for Slow Food Week last Wednesday at Cookery School. Joined by Chris from Taste the Wild, Caroline from Moshi Moshi, Cat Gazzoli from Slow Food and 21 eager slow food cooks the evening got off to a great start.

Ros welcomed everyone to Cookery School and talked about our ethos, link with Slow Food and recent 3 stars from the SRA, Cat welcomed all and discussed all the great work Slow Food does with forgotten foods, artisan producers and the success and importance of Slow Food Week, Caroline then introduced Moshi Moshi, her background in Japanese food and the importance of choosing sustainable fish – using a map that really hit home in showing how fish have globally depleted by [what looked like] 90% in the last 100 years. Finally, Chris got everyone excited with his history as a chef and move into foraging up in Yorkshire, showing us an array of delicious ingredients to be used in the recipes:

  • Bush vetch (wild pea shoots to garnish mackerel pate)
  • Wood Sorrel (for acidity and garnish)
  • Common Sorrel Wild Horseradish (used in the smoked mackerel pate)
  • Large Bittercress (leaves and small white flowers as garnish on the pate)
  • Sweet Cicely (aniseed flavour, used in salsa rossa and fishcakes)
  • Hogweed buds (side vegetable)
  • Spear Thistle stems (to add crunch in the soused herring)
  • Ground Elder (used instead of parsley in several dishes)
  • Wild Garlic flowers, leaves and pickled seeds (the pickled seeds were used in Beurre noissette)
  • Wild garlic stalks, sweet cicely and hogweed buds in the court boullion to poach fish

The menu

  • Plaice with black butter, parsley & capers
  • Mackerel pate with own smoked mackerel
  • Mini whiting & crab fishcakes with a salsa rossa
  • Summer cuttlefish stew with side dish of steamed Hogweed buds
  • Soused herring