Our top 5 classes this August

August is here (we know – already!). We’ve compiled the list below of our favourite classes this month.

Just so you know, all of our classes include a welcome snack/breakfast upon arrival and at the end of the class, you will sit down around the Cookery School table to enjoy what you have made together.


1. Knife Skills – 13th August, 10am – 1.30pm

Get ready to chop, slice and dice your way around the kitchen with confidence as we teach you the tricks of the trade. The dishes selected all require a lot of knife work before cooking.

Dishes that you will learn include:

Minestrone with hand chopped pesto (loads of chopping of all sorts)

Caramelised onion focaccia (slicing onions easily)

Grilled catch of the day with a herbed topping (filleting and fine chopping)

Handchopped burger made with organic British beef (coarse chopping of meat)

Caramelised orange (segmenting citrus fruits)

Wonderful apple cake (cutting up apples)


2. Ultimate Afternoon Tea – 19th August, 2pm-5pm

This alternative afternoon tea is the perfect way to get together with friends or family and do something a bit different. In this class, you will learn to make your own quintessentially British afternoon tea.

You will learn to make:

A range of sandwiches: egg mayonnaise, cucumber sandwiches to crab sandwiches all on different homemade breads and all using best of British, locally sourced ingredients.

Mini Scotch eggs using quail’s eggs and chicken mince

The lightest of scones to be served with homemade seasonal fruit jam (which we will demonstrate how to make) and clotted cream

Savoury cheese and herb scones – a Cookery School favourite

Devonshire cream cake (the most delicate of sponges filled with whipped cream and topped with an Original Beans chocolate ganache)

Traditional lemon curd tartlets (you will learn how to make the lemon curd and the pastry)


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3. All Day Spanish – 19th August, 9.30am – 2.30pm

Hola! We can’t promise Spanish sunshine but we can guarantee wonderful and authentic Spanish food in this Spanish cooking class. You will be welcomed with a snack before launching into making a variety of tapas, a traditional paella and regional desserts.

You will learn to cook the following:

Classic tortilla

Patatas bravas

Fried padron peppers

Garlic prawns

Chorizo and butter bean stew

Rustic rolls

Chicken and prawn paella

Torta di Santiago

Pedro Ximenez sherry and raisin ice cream



4. Healthy Eating – 20th August, 10am-3pm

Our healthy cooking class will teach you how to detox by eating good wholesome food. At Cookery School we love food and are loathe to eat dull diet food, so we have come up with a class of exciting healthy recipes based primarily around fruit and veg.

We will show you how to make:

A range of our hugely popular salads with tasty but low calorie dressings

A seasonal vegetable frittata

A low GI wild mushroom barley risotto

Baked herbed catch of the day

A vegetable tagine

A couple of delicious and filling soups

Fruit crumble – guilt free!

Baked or poached seasonal fruit

Read more or to book Healthy Eating

5. Ultimate Fish & Shellfish – 30th August, 10am-3.30pm

In this enlightening fish cooking course you will learn how to choose, prepare and cook the freshest sustainable fish and shellfish. The fish we use are always seasonal, line-caught and local and we are the only cooking school in the UK to gain MSC certification.

During this intensive fish cooking course, you will master techniques such as skinning, filleting and boning. You will also learn the most appropriate methods of cooking various fish and shellfish, including grilling, frying, baking, poaching and steaming. We will make a range of beautiful accompanying sauces, including hollandaise, tartare, gooseberry, green salsa and a fresh chilli sauce.

You will learn to cook:

The tastiest of fish stews with a lobster bisque base

Calamari braised in red wine

Pollock with a black butter, parsley and caper sauce

Mussels Provencal

Catch of the day baked with a salt crust – depending on what the fishermen bring in

Griddled diver scallop salad with an oriental dressing

Grilled prawns in the Mozambique style with green salsa or a fresh chilli sauce

Fish cakes with a sauce tartare

Poached catch of the day with a hollandaise sauce

Mackerel with a gooseberry sauce

Smoked mackerel pate

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