Three Star Sustainability Champions

Great news: we have been awarded three stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Assosiation SRA for a second year running, receiving an overall score of 84% with full marks (100%) in the society section. 

We worked really hard to improve our practices for this year’s rating and view the scheme as a way to push us further, to constantly look for new ways and methods to run our kitchens ethically, educate those who come through our doors and support local suppliers and seasonal eating habits. It’s wonderful to have our efforts recognised with three stars. 

Here’s more from the SRA:

Cookery School has demonstrated an exceptional and consistent approach towards sustainable practices. Sustainability is highly embedded in its business strategy and its initiatives are amongst the best in the hospitality industry. Its highest achievement was in Society, where the maximum possible (100%) was obtained in all four areas of the SRA survey.

In Sourcing Cookery School achieved a highly commendable score of (82%), this is a reflection of its clear and well-communicated procurement policy, where the purchasing of Local and Seasonal and high welfare products are common practice and well understood by all of the business’s suppliers.

Exceptional Environmental initiatives are observed throughout Cookery School’s operations and a score of (75%) was achieved in this pillar. Of particular note are the businesses’s use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, recycling of food waste and purchasing of energy from 100% renewable resources.

You can read more about sustainability at Cookery School on our website.