The best sustainable shopping apps and groceries


Food waste continues to be a concern for the hospitality industry, but it’s not just restaurants and cafes – it also affects producers and farmers, with cosmetic standards restricting the amount of produce they can send to supermarket shelves. Luckily, a number of businesses are responding to the cause, introducing innovative ideas that help you shop with the planet in mind.


Surplus Food



Karma unites venues who have food to spare at the end of the day with customers happy to consume it! Unsold food is uploaded to the app at half price so all you have to do is choose what you want and pick it up. Dinner is sorted!


sustainable shopping apps


Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is another app fighting against food waste by giving customers a chance to buy a heavily discounted ‘Magic Bag’ from some of London’s best restaurants and cafes at the end of the trading day. Full of treats the venue would otherwise throw away, each bag is a surprise until you open it up.



Made too much food this week? Maybe your garden is growing faster than you can harvest? OLIO aims to connect those with surplus food with those willing to save it, with a easy-to-use app. Users simply upload their offering along with the pick-up time and then arrange a suitable time with your buyer via private messaging. It’s a great way to save what might have otherwise been wasted.





This vegetable delivery service rescues wonky veg and freaky fruit directly from farms and growers and delivers them to Londoners instead. You’ll receive a box of fresh, seasonal and local fruit and vegetables while also helping to reduce the amount of produce wasted. It’s a win-win!


Open Food Network

This community connects independent producers, retailers and wholesalers with customers who are looking for seasonal and local produce. Order online and organize for delivery or pick up – either way, you’ll end up with beautifully fresh and seasonal produce, without the middle man.

sustainable shopping apps


Zero-Waste Club

This online marketplace makes zero-waste shopping easier than ever, with an ever-growing list of sustainable groceries ready to be delivered to your home. Everything is sent in 100% non-bleached cardboard, decreasing your footprint even further.


Giki Badges

Ever wondered about the sustainability cred of your favourite groceries? Giki will reveal the impact of your supermarket shop, rating products on the factors you care most about – healthy eating, avoiding toxic chemicals, animal welfare, climate change or buying local. Simply scan the barcode of each product using the app to find out where it rates.



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