The best sustainable restaurants in London


We love seeing what innovative chefs and restaurateurs are doing in their kitchens to limit food waste and increase their sustainability credentials. Here are just a few of the best sustainable restaurants in London – as always, should you know of a restaurant we should be celebrating, get in touch!


Silo – formerly of Brighton, soon to be London

A pioneer of the zero-waste restaurant, this soon-to-be Hackney restaurant houses an alternative food system in which not one gram or millilitre of food is waste. Staff churn butter, make almond milk, mill flour, bake bread and roll oats and whatever isn’t consumed is fed into an aerobic digester, which generates up to 60kg of compost in 24 hours.


Cub – Hoxton

Some of London’s most innovative hospitality minds come together under one roof at Cub, where sustainability dominates every element of its operation. The restaurant and bar is a partnership between Mr Lyan (of Dandelyan, once the World’s Best Bar), Doug McMaster (who also runs Silo) and many others, meaning you’re in for a culinary treat in both food and drink.


Bean and Wheat – Old Street

This coffee and beer shop is an all-day affair that offers dishes made from the offcuts and surplus foods from its sister restaurant, The Frog Hoxton. Pop by for freshly baked focaccia from 7am,  or enjoy a British cheese board with your beer after work.


best sustainable restaurants



Riverford at The Duke of Cambridge – Islington

The Duke of Cambridge has always been organic, but when they partnered with Riverford, they took their eco-credentials to the next level. They serve a seasonal menu that’s full of organic vegetables from the Riverford farm in Devon, as well as recycling all glass, cardboard, paper and tins, and sending all food waste to generate energy via an anerobic digestor.



Should you know of any other restaurants that should be included in our ‘Best Sustainable Restaurants in London’ list, please let us know.