Save our Daily Bread

In the UK alone 20 million whole slices of bread are thrown away every day*. Many people worry about their carbon footprint without realising how much impact throwing old food away has.

Sustainability has been at the heart of all that we have done since our inception over 20 years ago, so we consider ourselves to be sustainability veterans. We have run sustainability courses for a number of years and in a recent client food waste training session we came up with an easy and obvious solution to help cut down on food waste. If bread manufacturers used the empty space on packaging to promote helpful tips and recipes, it could help to hugely reduce our collective carbon footprint. Bread is one of the most wasted food items and domestic food waste contributes to about 60% of total food waste (BBC).

We went into a supermarket and looked at all the bread packets and none of the bread manufactures were utilising their package for sustainable growth.

bread waste

Here are some more frightening statistics supplied by WRAP, Defra and Sustain.

  • -Of the 6.6 million tonnes of food waste discarded from UK households 11% of that belongs to edible bakery items every year
  • -680,000 tonnes of “avoidable” bakery waste is disposed of each year at a cost of £1.1bn, about 80% of it from packs that have been opened but not finished.
  • -Bread is number 2 of the most wasted food items after potatoes
  • -Nearly one in five UK households admit to binning an entire loaf of bread before even opening or slicing it.
  • -Just under half of adults (49%) say they eat bread every day, with 38% buying two loaves a week. With 18% admitting to throwing away a forgotten loaf before opening it, while a quarter of us admit to discarding bread before reaching the end of the loaf.
  • -32% of bread purchased by UK households is dumped when it could be eaten
  • -2 billion crusts worth nearly £62 million binned each year
  • -36% of households are throwing away crusts, 13% don’t eat the ends of sliced loaves and 6% reject the ends of fresh loaves.


There are numerous ways to transform wasted bread into perfectly edible dishes! Be creative in your kitchen! Think outside the box when cooking with leftover bread

    • -Stuffings
    • -Toppings when grated to make crisp e.g. cauliflower cheese
    • -Melba toast
    • -Garlic bread
    • -French toast
    • -Use in salads as in Panzanella or Fattoush
    • -Use in soups as in Italian ribollita or French Provencal garlic and bread soup
    • -Cut leftover wraps into triangles drizzle with oil, bake and you`ll get delicious homemade crisps
    • -Bread and butter pudding (sweet)
    • -Bread and butter pudding (savoury)
    • -Bread sauce
    • -Sandwiches
    • -Freeze leftover bread to use later

bread recipes

*(equivalent to 1,000,000 loaves at 20 slices per loaf)