Save Money By Learning To Cook

Learning to cook


This week we’ve been discussing the fact that people are reportedly eating out less, according to a survey by Barclays. It turns out there are savings to be made by cooking at home. With the average meal out costing us £60 we could be saving up to £10,000 a year if we eat out an average of 3 times a week! An apparent 9% of the UK dines out several times a week.

This led us to discuss the fact that more people are having to cook at home and got us thinking about our cookery skills across the country – can we cook?

In general we say we like to cook and some of us are quite confident. However, according to YouGov, one in ten Britons (10%) say they would be unable to cook a single meal from scratch without a recipe, and it seems that the younger generations are slightly less confident, with one in twelve (8%) stating that they cannot cook a single meal unaided.

Our aim at Cookery School is to teach and inspire people to cook and to enjoy cooking. When you join a class or course it’s not simply about building up your recipe repertoire but also about gaining confidence about your own ability to cook and getting to grips with the basic principles of cooking so that you can go on to practice, experiment, pass on knowledge and enjoy food, cooking, eating and hospitality.

A Crash Course in the Importance and Joy of Learning to Cook


If you fancy taking a turn at the stove, building up your confidence, getting those principles under your belt and wining and dining your nearest and dearest, then find out more about our 5 day Crash Course in Learning to Cook.

It’s our love of food and the seasons, culture and cuisine, our fantastic suppliers and all the confident faces we see leaving us at the end of the day that inspires us.

30 hours of teaching across a week with breakfast each day and your dishes to take home.