Ros Rants: To Drink or Not To Drink

drink and cook

Is it safe to drink and cook? I was motivated to write a post after a corporate event called to cancel today. Last week we met an agent and his client, who used the word ‘perfect’ to describe what we had to offer. Cookery School is really small and beautiful. We do all that we can to give the best possible teaching experiences to students coming in to learn to cook and to those doing corporate events.

Why you may wonder was the event cancelled?

Because we do not allow any drinking whilst the team is cooking!

On arrival at Cookery School for the start of an event, we always welcome our clients with an aperitif or a lovely organic wine or glass of fizz (depending on the event chosen) along with nibbles, made to match the menu. We allow one aperitif or glass of wine whilst everyone has a chat with their fellow cooks, colleagues or clients.

Kitchens can be dangerous places but we feel that we have any eventualities that we can foresee covered in our various risk assessments. Over the past seventeen years we have added items as we have become aware of them, but we are pretty secure that we keep everyone as safe as possible by talking them through Health and Safety and Food Hygiene at the start of every session at Cookery School.

Having fun is also a key part of any event with us! Enjoyment is a key part of the learning process and people should be relaxed and enthusiastic to cook and eat together. We simply don’t believe that drinking throughout the event is safe or necessary. Where we cannot keep people out of danger is when they have drunk excessively before reaching us. We can control drinking throughout the event and keep people safe by not allowing drinking whilst cooking.

Once they have finished cooking, clients are given as much alcohol as they legally are allowed to drink. Besides, few people these days want to be off their heads on alcohol. We have never had anyone tell us that they were short of wine!

Cookery School is known for its fab food and great teaching and with all of that, to be ultra sustainable, we need to take care of those that trust us sufficiently to spend time at Cookery School.


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