RECIPE: Savoury Bread and Butter Pudding

This is a great dish to use up any leftovers. They can be varied (suggest that fish and meat are not used at the same time). The leftovers need to be cut into small cubes and added to the uncooked dish.


6 slices of leftover bread
500ml whole milk
75g softened butter
5 eggs
Any leftover cheese, sausage, cold meat, salami, fish, cooked vegetables, herbs
an onion chopped and fried until golden in olive oil
chopped herbs of choice or leeks or spring onions fried
salt and pepper to season


1. Butter the bread and place into a baking dish that will hold about 750ml of liquid. We use one that is 26cm x 20cm x 5cm

2. Sprinkle over a choice of cubed/cut up leftovers of choice.

3. We always use an onion chopped and fried until golden brown as it enhances the flavour of this dish.

4. Beat the eggs lightly. Add salt and pepper to the eggs.

5. Whisking the eggs all the time, slowly pour the cold milk over the beaten eggs until all the milk has been beaten in to form a smooth cold mixture.

6. Strain this mixture into a large jug. Straining help ensure a smooth custard with no bits in it.
7. Pour this mixture over the buttered bread and choice of leftover ingredients which have been placed in a baking dish.

8. Allow the dish to stand for at least an hour (better in the fridge) during which time the bread will absorb some of the egg and milk mixture.

9. When ready to cook the savoury bread and butter pud, place it in a bain marie in oven
150ºC/300ºF for 45 minutes or test it to check that a knife inserted into the pudding comes out clean.

10. Serve warm or at room temperature. You will be surprised at how delicious this dish is.