RECIPE: Mulled Wine

It’s the drink of the season! Here’s our recipe for this fabulous festive tipple.



1 bottle red wine

1 cup water

3 sticks cinnamon

8 whole cloves

Rind of one orange

Sufficient sugar to taste – start with about ½ cup

Additional brandy if desired




  1. Place the red wine, water, cinnamon, cloves, orange rind and sugar in a saucepan and allow to simmer slowly for about thirty minutes or until the wine has absorbed the flavour of the spices.*
  2. Taste to see that the mulled wine is sufficiently sweet. If not add more sugar.
  3. Continue to keep the mulled wine on a very low heat until ready to serve. The flavour of the mulled wine improves on standing. I sometimes even make it the day before I require it, fridge it overnight and heat it the following day.
  4. Just before serving add a dash of brandy to the mulled wine to give it a little added weight.

*if you’d like to slice oranges and leave them in, this adds some extra fruity flavour