RECIPE: Classic sponge with chocolate ganache


makes 2 x 8″ cakes.



6 eggs

170g/6 ozs sugar

170g/6 ozs cake flour – Shipton Mill organic white flour is suitable

pinch of salt


-Preheat the oven to 400ºF/190ºC.

-Break the whole eggs into a large bowl.

-Add the sugar and beat the eggs and sugar until thick and creamy. This process is easier if one is able to use an electric beater or food processor.

-Carefully fold the flour (or flour and sifted cocoa) and salt into the very thick, white egg mixture.

-Pour into 2 8″ tins that have been papered on the base but not greased on the sides.

-Bake in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes or until the top is firm and when pressed, springs back. A skewer inserted into the cake will also come out clean.

-Allow to cool before removing from tins and filling and icing.

-A filling of whipped cream with a spoonful or two of lemon curd folded in is delicious.

-Sprinkle two teaspoonfuls of icing sugar over the top of the cake through a small strainer.

-Alternatively fill with fresh whipped cream and cover with a chocolate ganache topping.

-Eat whilst fresh. This cake is excellent in trifles.





-250g dark chocolate – 65 to 70%

-250g double cream



-Bring the cream to scorching point (just before boiling point is reached).

-Pour it into the chocolate pieces that have been placed in a glass bowl and whisk well until fully combined. Make sure the mixture is smooth and shiny.

-Use once the ganache is starting to thicken and set. Spread thickly onto to the top of a cake or use to sandwich two cakes together.