RECIPE: Chocolate Truffles

At Cookery School we teach to empower so that everyone has the confidence to replicate recipes again and again at home. We also teach by principle – if you can understand how to make and prepare a chocolate ganache, you can make a whole range of different desserts or truffles using the same principle.



Milk ganache truffles
325g milk chocolate – use the best available
200g double cream
icing sugar or cocoa for rolling
liqueur of choice if desired

Dark ganache truffles
250g dark chocolate
250g double cream
Cocoa powder for coating truffles
liqueur of choice if desired
Icing sugar

White chocolate truffles
400g white chocolate
200g double cream
liqueur of choice if desired
Icing sugar

1. Bring the cream to scorching point (just before boiling point is reached).
2. Pour it into the chocolate pieces that have been placed in a glass bowl. Allow to stand for a very short while until the chocolate starts to show signs of melting.
3. Whisk very well until fully combined. Make sure the mixture is smooth and shiny.
4. Add a small amount of liqueur of choice to the ganache and beat in. If too much is used, the ganache will not set well.
5. Set aside to cool thoroughly and then chill or freeze for 30 minutes or until sufficiently firm to roll into balls.
6. Roll into small balls using tips of fingers. Do this as speedily as possible.
7. Cover with coating of choice eg cocoa powder, icing sugar.

Cooking during Covid-19
We have a wealth of experience to share in these unprecedented times if you need help cooking during Coronavirus. We’ll be giving you tips and recipes on using store cupboard ingredients, preserving, pickling & above all making the most of your valuable ingredients & not wasting food. PLEASE let us have YOUR questions and SHARE on Facebook or Instagram what you’ve been cooking & our founder Rosalind will be able to get back to you with answers so we can all learn from each other.



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