RECIPE: Bread Sauce


Bread Sauce



20ozs/625ml milk
1½ cups fresh breadcrumbs
1 small onion studded with 4 cloves
4ozs/125ml cream
1oz/25g butter
pinch of salt


1. Place the clove studded onion in the milk and allow to come to the boil very slowly.
2. Take off the heat and allow to stand for a while so that the flavour of the onion and cloves permeates the milk.
3. Mix the breadcrumbs and butter into the milk and return to the heat.
4. Cook slowly, stirring the mixture, over a low heat under the milk has been absorbed by the crumbs.
5. Continue stirring a lot until a good, smooth sauce results.
6. Add the cream to the bread sauce to enrich it.
7. Serve hot as a delicious accompaniment to roast chicken or turkey.