We’ve had a makeover!

Some of you have been asking why we’ve changed colour! So here’s a bit about why we’ve rebranded…


We’ve gone green! In fact, we’ve always been “green” here at Cookery School but we now have a brand new look to reflect this. Since we started Cookery School we’ve always tried to be as sustainable as possible even before it was ‘cool’ to be so.

Sustainability can appear to be a dry subject but, in a world where so many natural resources are being degraded, we are keen to show how easy it is to make small tweaks to the way we live and incorporate it into everyday living. Recycling was once practised by a few and has now, without too much effort, become an integral part of what most of us do on a daily basis. The changeover was painless but has helped hugely on saving energy, conserving resources and protecting the environment.

We see ourselves as being more than simply a place to come to learn to cook. We hope that everyone who comes into contact with Cookery School will take home straightforward ideas to leave less of an impact on the earth.

Have a look here for some of the ways we are sustainable and keep an eye out for future posts to help you be more sustainable at home.