Jewish Cooking Course London

Once you have mastered the simple art of making straightforward bread, trying your hand at producing beautiful sweet & fancy breads is only a step away. 

In this class, you will learn how to make two doughs using the same principles learnt on the breadmaking class. Using a sweetened dough enriched with milk and eggs, you will learn how to make cinnamon swirls (sometimes called babkas) filled with cinnamon and sugar or you could substitute chocolate or even sugar and tahini!

Using your second enriched dough, you will learn how to make a chollah or Sabbath plaited bread and even learn how to plait with five strands.

We will meet online at 5pm to make the first batch of doughs which will be left to prove.  We will then reconvene 45 minutes later so that you can learn how to shape your doughs.  They will prove for a second time to be baked to produce your super tempting breads.