roast vegetables

Make a fantastic oven roast tomato soup in summer and butternut soup in winter and build on your knowledge of bread making with an olive and rosemary foccacia – you can of course use this principle to master all kinds of variations on foccacia breads. Learn to love the grill in your oven by making a delicious grilled fish dish which is served with perfectly cooked rice. You will also use the grill to make most delicious grilled vegetables.  We will teach you a trick or two for cooking rice – along with a green salsa – and at the same time you will be starting to build up your repertoire of sauces and salsas. Finish the session with a sweet, smooth creme caramel with which you can impress your friends!

This class can be taken as an individual class but is also part of our Online Beginners course so if you would like to take the whole course, then have a look at dates HERE.