In this series you will be able to spend time preparing for a Christmas meal, where all the elements of the meal will have been made by you in advance. In some classes you will make more than you require as a family and will come away having some delicious food gifts to share with others. You will also make sauces and stuffing to freeze in readiness for 25 December.

In this class you will make a Christmas fruit cake from scratch from learning how to prepare the tins, make the mixture and ensure that you have a good, flat top.  You will then pop it into the oven to bake it slowly.  Once it emerges and is cool, you will be able to store it in a cake tin and will regularly ‘feed’ your cake with either rum or brandy.  By Christmas day you will have the best fruit cake that you have ever tasted that can continue to be eaten during the year. This recipe makes a great wedding cake base too.  As our recipe is for 2 large cakes, you will have a wonderful gift to give someone for Christmas or you can make 3 smaller cakes from the same mixture.