In this series you will be able to spend time preparing for a Christmas meal, where all the elements of the meal will have been made by you in advance. In some classes you will make more than you require as a family and will come away having some delicious food gifts to share with others. You will also make sauces and stuffing to freeze in readiness for 25 December.

In this class you will learn to make treats that can be enjoyed over the festive period and also be made as gifts for friends.  You will learn how to make melt in the mouth chocolate  truffles as well as filling your cookie jar with very more-ish chocolate oatmeal cookies. We will then all make the lightest of chocolate sponge rolls which you will fill with a chestnut cream and top with a swirled over dark chocolate ganache to make your Bouche Noel resemble a log.

Upcoming Classes

  • At Cookery School London
    near Oxford Circus
  • Thursday 17 December 2020
  • 5.30pm - 7pm