equipment for beginners cooking course

We  reinstated the first course that we ever ran at Cookery School.  It was a popular one and many a cook was shaped by doing this course. It is planned over six consecutive weeks and during that time, all necessary techniques are taught so that you emerge feeling confident about your cooking skills and happy to venture into the kitchen to replicate dishes learnt on  your own. Each class is taught as a three course meal which you can enjoy with family and friends afterwards.

At the end of this course you will have six (or more) great make in advance meals that will involve you in very little cooking during the meal, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy a good meal along with your guests. Get a date in the diary and invite your friends round for dinner…

In this online Beginners cooking course, you will cover:

Session 1

Learn what a great tool your oven is by making a delicious roast crispy chicken and roasted root vegetables for the main course. Then continue to develop your oven skills with a lesson in breadmaking – easy when you know how! The beautiful bread rolls that you make will accompany a simple green salad dressed with a homemade dressing – you will be taught the principles of mastering good dressings. The dessert reflects our ethos of seasonality with baked apples in winter, peaches or other fruit in the summer – always served with mascarpone. This is the perfect prepare in advance meal and no one would ever know that you were a novice cook!

Session 2

Make a fantastic oven roast tomato soup in summer and butternut soup in winter and build on your knowledge of bread making with an olive and rosemary foccacia – you can of course use this principle to master all kinds of variations on foccacia breads. Learn to love the grill in your oven by making a delicious grilled fish dish which is served with perfectly cooked rice. You will also use the grill to make most delicious grilled vegetables.  We will teach you a trick or two for cooking rice – along with a green salsa – and at the same time you will be starting to build up your repertoire of sauces and salsas. Learn how Finish the session with a sweet, smooth creme caramel with which you can impress your friends!

Session 3

Get your taste buds racing with homemade humous, flavoursome Middle Eastern salads and flat bread – building on your breadmaking skills of the first two lessons. Learn how to cook a lamb tagine with perfect cous cous or ‘Persian’ rice, then bake a delicious and moist orange and almond cake for dessert. Throughout we will be reinforcing techniques and skills learnt in preceding lessons to build your kitchen confidence!

Session 4

This lesson focuses on Mediterranean food where you will delve into making an aioli and a aubergine puree with crudités which are great for many occasions. Having acquired bread making confidence over the past lessons, you will create your own perfect pizza with various toppings. Learn the easy art of ice cream making at home based on a real custard by making a delicious real vanilla ice cream served with a rich chocolate sauce.

Session 5

This lesson starts by learning how to make the perfect welsh rarebit which is a great light meal or snack.  Then learn how to make a fish pie topped with crispy mashed potatoes. This session finishes by learning to make a classic victoria sponge cake with a lemon curd filling – a perfect ending for a meal or as part of an afternoon tea.

Session 6

This session focuses on different toppings for pasta from tomato, through puttanesca and Bolognese, to crab, so you will have lots of recipes to add to your repertoire. You will also make a most delicious mushroom soup and finish the session with a homemade lemon cheesecake – the perfect make in advance pudding.

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