Our rooftop allotment


As a central London-based cooking school, we don’t have access to wide open spaces where we can grow our own produce. However, thanks to local community bodies and businesses, there has been a drive to introduce green spaces in the heart of urban London – and we’ve been lucky enough to secure ourselves a rooftop allotment!

Our allotment is based on the roof of Heddon House, off Regent Street. It is tended to daily by our Allotment King, Edwin, who lovingly grows a wide variety of herbs, including oregano, basil, thyme, coriander, mint, garlic, onions and so much more! He does such a good job that in 2018, he won ‘Best Allotment’ and ‘Best Diary of the Allotment’ by Regent Street Association.

These herbs and vegetables are then used in our cooking classes – basil appears in our green salsa over the summer, while mint is used in our tea and tagines. Check it out throughout the seasons below.