Organic September & Sourdough September

After six weeks of summer holidays with time away, different eating habits and cooking schedules out the window we can now start to think about our culinary routines again, something that we love to do at Cookery School.

There’s no better month to be inspired to eat well, cook more and enjoy the fantastic produce on our doorsteps, with the Soil Association’s Organic September celebrating the benefits of organic food and farming. At Cookery School we’ve been using organic produce since our inception (21 years ago) and back then the only place we could get most organic ingredients was Waitrose!

The UK has come a long way since then with organic ingredients available from all supermarkets, farm shops, box schemes and online, as well as being highlighted on many restaurant menus. What’s more, the pandemic led to a steep rise in UK’s consumption of organic food, thanks to people cooking from scratch at home, baking and growing their own food.

Sourdough September & we’re in Waitrose Magazine

It’s also Sourdough September which promotes baking and buying genuine sourdough bread. That means natural sourdough made from naturally occurring yeast in the grains which end up in flour, with no added baker’s yeast, chemical raising agents or other additives. We are proud to be featured in this month’s Waitrose Food magazine (pages 76-77) talking all things sourdough with Dan Lepard, baker, food writer and sourdough specialist at Cookery School. Join us for our next hands-on Sourdough Masterclass with Dan Lepard on Thursday 28th September 9am – 4pm!

Find out more about our Sourdough Masterclass with Dan Lepard