Eating for two (us and the planet)

With Open Farm Sunday (11th June) and Healthy Eating Week 12-16th June) both approaching, we reflect on food production and health as one.

We think it is important to consider these two areas of food side-by-side. It’s high time that we were all eating to be healthy and sustainable, to address climate change with farming and food production practices while reducing things like diabetes and obesity.

We are fully In support of agroecological (eco-friendly) farming, where the land is farmed holistically, with nature and food production working in tandem to produce nutritious foods that are key to us all living healthier lifestyles. In fact, by moving to regenerative farming across the UK, the Sustainable Food Trust reported that with changes to what we grow and eat, we could maintain current levels of self-sufficiency whilst also tackling the climate, nature and public health crises. What foods are a win-win?

PULSES provide protein, fibre, vitamins and amino acids and have the potential to lower the risk of bowel cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke. Environmentally, they form a key part of sustainable crop rotations and they fix nitrogen in soil, creating fertile ground for the crops that follow.

FRUIT and VEGETABLES provide us with a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre while also providing vital nectar sources for pollinators as well as habitats for birds and insects, such as orchards.

Urban growing spaces including gardens and allotments are a key piece of the puzzle so the only thing missing is learning how to cook delicious food with fantastic produce and believe us, we are pushing hard to get food education on the agenda.

We’ve dug out some delicious recipes, some of which can be found on our healthy eating and vegan classes including, broad bean saladchickpea burgers and asparagus soup.

You can also find general healthy eating tips here and if you’re big on biome see what Jeanette Hyde, Nutritional Therapist, author and teacher of our Gut Health class advises in her 5 tips for a healthy gut.

Open Farm Sunday is managed by LEAF (Link­ing Envi­ron­ment And Farm­ing) to, ‘bring farm­ers and con­sumers togeth­er to raise aware­ness of how farm­ers are work­ing in har­mo­ny with nature to pro­duce good food.’ Find a farm near you or take a virtual farm tour.

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