London’s Most Sustainable Cookery School

London's most sustainable cookery school

We are proud to be London’s most sustainable cookery school. Sustainability is at the core of our school: we teach sustainable cooking for sustainable learning. This means that our classes and instructions are clear and fuss-free. They are straightforward- no jargon and no fads. Our students go away with lessons that are learnt thoroughly, equipping them with the ability and confidence to cook in their own kitchens at home.

As London’s most sustainable cookery school, alongside our teaching philosophy, we ensure that we act sustainably in terms of limiting waste and sourcing our products.

Our tips when shopping:

  1. Eat less ­ first class protein – we eat too much anyway. Simply reduce the amount that you eat and when you do eat meat, eat organic as it has less impact on the environment (and on your body).
  2. Buy ­ fish from a reliable source and watch out for the MSC label.
  3. Eat meat economically; sausages, Bolognese sauces and shepherd’s pie will satisfy your cravings for meat but these dishes contain less meat than eg a grill and go considerably further.
  4. Try and use more unusual cuts of meat – not only prime pieces eg chicken breasts – so that the entire animal is well used.
  5. Substitute more pulse for meat meals. Pulses are a good source of protein and fibre and are kind to the environment.
  6. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can and try to buy as locally as you can.
  7. Don’t buy out of season fruit and veg – it is cheaper to buy when in season and out of season produce is generally imported.
  8. Try and buy Fair Trade ingredients when you can. This can help disadvantaged and often exploited communities.
  9. Buy local or British dry store ingredients when possible.
  10. Grow something starting with herbs or lettuce. Radishes are really fast and fairly simple. You’ll get so much satisfaction from this, we promise!


Try and bear these facts in mind and before you know it, your shopping practices will be green, take a look here for more sustainable tips.

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