Is the Cook’s Certificate for you?

Three times a year, 12 individuals unite over a love of cooking, transforming from enthusiastic culinary fans to talented and passionate cooks through our six-week intensive Cook’s Certificate. With a sustainable and principle-led teaching approach, students are armed with all the tools they need to be both competent and confident in the kitchen, whatever the end goal. So, should you be enrolling in our next intake?

Student chopping rosemary on chopping board

If you want to be a better home cook…

Do you review recipe after recipe, devour episodes of Bake Off and Masterchef and spend your days dreaming of what culinary creation you can whip up in the kitchen? The Cook’s Certificate will harness this enthusiasm and expand your repertoire, arming you with all the skills to get creative in the kitchen. Covering everything from pastry and preserves to roasts and risotto, you’ll ‘graduate’ with a wide range of skills and more importantly, the confidence to cook mid-week lunches through to three-course dinner parties.

If you’re looking to lessen your footprint…

As London’s most sustainable cooking school, we’re all about reducing our collective footprint. As a result, all of our meat, poultry, eggs, root vegetables, fruit and wines are organic, and 75% of our ingredients are sourced locally. We also run a completely plastic-free kitchen and produce very little food waste. This sustainable approach continues over to our Cook’s Certificate, with all teachings inspired by the idea of reducing waste, the best way to source ingredients and reducing the use of natural resources such as water and energy. Our one-day Sustainable Kitchen course is also integrated into the programme, ensuring that no matter what type of kitchen you work in, you’ll be confident in the best sustainability practices.

Students preparing pasta dish in Cook's Certificate class

If you’re working seasonally…

Are you thinking of going on a ski season or applying for yacht chef jobs? The Cook’s Certificate is a great place to start. It provides a comprehensive foundation on which you can build, offering a framework that you can base all culinary exploration on. As you leave with a Level 3 training certificate from OCN London; a Regulated Wine Certificate (WSET Level 2), and a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering, you will have all the formal qualifications required for a chalet or yacht job.

If you want to work in a professional kitchen…

If you are a kitchen porter looking to take the next step, or simply aspire to work in a professional kitchen, the Cook’s Certificate is your pathway to culinary success. The fast-track cooking course covers all aspects of cooking and includes work experience in the final week, which some participants have managed to convert into on-the-spot job offers! However, it’s not just the technical element – we also endeavour to provide you with the soft skills that mean you call roll up your sleeves and start working confidently and independently.

Running for just six weeks, the Cook’s Certificate is the fastest way to achieve a comprehensive formal culinary qualification. Should you be interested in joining our June cohort, register your interest today.

Cook's Certificate