International Women’s Day: Ros’ Triumph

It’s the 8th March, known to many as International Women’s Day – a celebration of the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women across the globe and a fine time to highlight Rosalind’s pioneering early days when she set up her first company, Piemaker. Piemaker specialised in making fine pies and cakes using traditional English recipes.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, Ros defiantly refused any ingredients that contained additives or preservatives – something that many suppliers just couldn’t understand. Ros was determined that these would be natural and wholesome pies without any substitutes – an early example of the strong stance of ‘quality home cooking’ that would prolifically run through the Cookery School veins in years to come.

Ros’ determination and uncompromising approach was merely tested when looking for funding and being faced with raised eyebrows and gender prejudice from bank managers. With perseverance, Piemaker took off with everyone wanting a slice of the action. Ros stocked the likes of Harrods, Waitrose as well as the Orient Express.

Ros’ no-nonsense, pure and unadulterated approach to homemade, high quality food paid off and paved the way for Cookery School at Little Portland Street. Ros realised there was an interest in home-cooking, non-processed food but that people didn’t have the skills or know-how to do it. The ingredients used at Cookery School are – and have always been – seasonal, pure, local and organic (where possible) and, 35 years on, Ros continues to refuse any supplier who doesn’t take her ethos seriously.

Happy International Women’s Day!