In season: rhubarb and wild garlic

One of the best things about eating seasonally is the excitement when an ingredient comes in to season!

After nearly a year of not seeing a particular ingredient, it is a joyous moment seeing the bright pink of a rhubarb stem or the deep green of wild garlic and we try to use these ingredients as much as we can to make the most of them until the following year.

wild garlic

Wild garlic

Two of the ingredients you will find plenty of in the Cookery School kitchens at the moment are rhubarb and wild garlic. Last week we were delighted when one of our teachers brought back an armful of gorgeous wild garlic leaves she had picked in Scotland! We really made the most of it by using it to make a wild garlic brown butter for tortellini, adding it to pesto and wilting it through a mushroom sauce for lovely homemade gnocchi.

This week’s Ultimate Baking Course included these beautiful rhubarb tarts and it will make an appearance in many classes for as long as it’s in season.

rhubarb snip

Chopped rhubarb and rhubarb & custard tart

If you’d like to cook with rhubarb, we’ll be making a beautiful rhubarb trifle with homemade sponge, real custard and Yeo Valley cream in our British Spring class on St George’s Day, 23rd April.