Afternoon Tea Week


It’s National Afternoon Tea Week which means everyone is officially allowed to eat tiny sandwiches, cakes, tarts, scones and sweet treats instead of lunch or dinner. Hooray!

Which part of afternoon tea is your favourite? Is it the perfectly formed cucumber sandwiches or miniature egg mayonnaise finger rolls? Or perhaps you rush straight for the glossy tartlets or cream cake, or maybe you are a classic crumbly scone fan. If so, which do you spread first, the jam or the cream? The Cornish pixies spread their jam first whereas the Devonians prefer to go cream then jam. So many decisions to make when considering afternoon tea!

In the UK we have gardens in Scotland and Cornwall where tea is grown. Our highlight of own afternoon tea classes at Cookery School at Little Portland Street is serving the delicious and fragrant Tregothnan tea.

If you want to try growing tea then Modern Gardens will guide you through planting and looking after your own Camellia sinensis.

From quintessential to quirky, Vogue has kindly reviewed 24 of the best afternoon teas in London. If you fancy making your own then why not join us for The Ultimate Afternoon Tea this September the 2nd. From bread baking and sandwich making, to learning how to make the perfect scones, to whipping up a beautiful Devonshire cake, you won’t be disappointed!

“I was totally thrilled at how amazing this class was. We made so much! I had no idea how amazing this class would be but Ghalid is a brilliant teacher and all of the staff are incredibly friendly and professional. We made home-made bread, bridge rolls, jam, lemon curd, pastry casings, and the best egg mayo I’ve ever had in my life! The cucumber sandwiches were perfection and the light sponge cake with whipped cream and chocolate ganache was incredible but the very best items were the scones; homemade fluffy scones with our homemade jam and clotted cream.”

Back to Baking


If you want to brush up more baking skills after the summer break then look no further, from French Breakfast Pastries, to Cakes and Pastry, to Bread Making and Dan Lepard’s Sourdough Masterclass, we’ve got you covered.

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