Gap Year students: Now is a great time to take your cooking to the next level

This May 2021 we start the next session of our Cook’s Certificate in Food & Wine and we’re very excited to be welcoming gap year students into the programme. We’ve been talking to lots of students about what makes a gap year such a great opportunity for learning more advanced cookery. Here’s what we found and how it works…

Why should young people consider cookery programmes on a gap-year?

Cookery programmes are ideal for gap year students: not only do they provide you with life skills and learning that lasts but they set you up to work at home or abroad during a time that students take out to grow and develop, make decisions on their career paths and explore new places.

What are the current trends for the number of people signing up for courses?

At Cookery School we have seen food fads fade in and out as dictated by popular culture. We teach simple principles and culinary skills required to make confident and knowledgeable general cooks and are currently seeing a real trend for people wanting to learn the basics.  Our absolute beginners courses are full of keen cooks wanting to master everything from soups & stews, roasting, desserts to salads and dressings. Classes such as fish & shellfish and pastry are also in high demand for the passionate home cooks looking to expand their repertoire and gain a deeper understanding of certain subjects.

How does a typical gap-year cookery programme work?

The typical programme at Cookery School is an intensive six week course based on the teaching practices we have honed over the past ten years that provide good training in necessary technical skills as well as knowledge and understanding of ingredients and how to combine them to produce food that tastes delicious. We intend to pass on skills that once would have been acquired through mothers and grandmothers that form the bedrock of cooking and are fun and engender a passion for food.

Once gappers have finished a programme, what is the next logistical step?

We hope to produce cooks that will go on to confidently cater at home, take seasonal chalet and yacht work and go into professional kitchens. We have also seen students go on to take further training in specific areas, such as patisserie, after discovering a love for a topic they had not previously considered. Of course, a cookery programme will stand you in good stead if you are heading off to university where healthy eating, cooking to a budget and shopping seasonally to get the most out of your ingredients is so important.

Finally, for those unable to devote six weeks to our Cook’s Certificate course, we have a series of three day intensive courses from Absolute Beginners, through Beginners and Intermediate to Advanced where our students leave us feeling that they are competent cooks and are well set up for their future whatever route they may take.

Cook’s Certificate dates: Monday 17 May – Friday 25 June 2021

More info: Cook’s Certificate in Food & Wine

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