Gain Comfort in Comfort Food

comfort food

Comfort food is food that provides a feeling of well-being, the dishes are typically high sugar or carbohydrate content and tend to be associated with childhood or home cooking. Not all comfort food is bad for you, our Founder Ros believes that homemade comfort food can be healthy as recipes can be easily altered for example reducing the salt content.

Comfort food favourites 

In the UK research has shown the simple and classic pizza is the number one comfort food! Below are the top 10 UK comfort foods:

1. Pizza
2. Fish and chips
3. Bacon sandwich
4. Full English breakfast
5. Burger & chips
6. Roast dinner
7. Beans on toast
8. Bangers and mash
9. Pasta dish
10. Scrambled eggs on toast

Benefits of comfort food

One of the mains benefits of comfort food is that there are a plethora family friendly dishes, which ties into the dishes generally being simplistic. The simplicity of the dishes makes it easy to replicate in the comfort of your own home and allows the whole family to be involved. During our Teen Cooking Camps our teens learn how to make a homemade pizza from scratch and the results are quite delicious!



During these times of uncertainty and isolation comfort food can be used to help fill the void of absent social ties and help you feel less lonely. While we can not be surrounded by all our loved ones, recreating your favourite comfort dishes at home can help you reminisce on the better times.

If you can resist not eating your freshly cooked comfort foods in one go, they are also great for batch cooking. For example stews, curries, bakes and roasts are all perfect dishes as they tend to survive a few days and freeze excellently.

Join us on Thursday 21st January at 5:30pm for a FREE online pizza making comfort food class and learn how to make a simple pizza base and a moreish tomato sauce!

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