Free Interactive Cooking Class for Teenagers

Interactive Class for Teens

We’re delighted to announce a special FREE interactive class for teenagers on the 15th December at 5.30pm. This class is a pilot of our new 20 session cooking programme for kids, based on favourite dishes, that we are hoping to bring to life soon.  We have been working on our initiative – Cooking, Reading and Writing – because we believe that learning to cook is just as important as learning to read and write for the futures of our children and their children too.

Our ultimate aim is to have all kids in the nation cooking for the sheer joy of it, and at the same time learning about healthy eating and sustainability. We hope to involve charities, supermarkets and other interested parties in helping us, as we believe that every child has the right to learn to cook and those in food poverty cannot be allowed to miss out.

In an interactive online cook-along, our head tutor Stefan will be making succulent roast chicken pieces with delicious roast potatoes and baked chilli broccoli for a simple and healthy supper. Our founder, Ros, will also be on hand so that she can keep an eye on how your children are getting on and help to answer any questions they may have.

Make sure you save the date for this launch event. Please could you let any of your friends know too and ask them to follow the details below so as many kids as possible can join this class as well.

We will be sharing these details on social media, as we want this message spread far and wide, so would appreciate if you could share on your networks for us.

Please register by emailing us on and we will email you back with the ingredients list, any advance preparation required and the Zoom link for the class.