EVENTS: Magic Beans – Conversations Around The Cookery School Table

For 2024 we are starting an insightful series of monthly panel events on food around topics that are close to our hearts at Cookery School.  Conversations Around The Cookery School Table is the place to  enjoy lively discussions, networking with like-minded food lovers, and, as with all events and classes at our school, the opportunity to taste some delicious Cookery School food.

Beans and pulses at Cookery School Little Portland Street


Our first event takes place on January 29th 2024 from 6pm-8.30pm and we will explore the rise of British beans and pulses as an alternative protein source.  In Magic Beans – Have you got your finger on the pulse? we will be discussing British beans and pulses in the context of “the future of fast food”.

One of the current hot topics of discussion is how ingredients such as canned, bottled and dried beans and pulses are not only a healthy addition to so many meals, but are super quick to prepare, relatively inexpensive and easy to use. We have seen this as part of our Eating Deliciously for a Healthy Gut, Pulses, Cereals, Grains and Seeds, and Ultimate Vegetarian classes.

Pulses are an incredibly sustainable ingredient and are good for the planet, especially when compared with animal sources of protein. They require less water, less land, and less or no fertiliser. Legumes have another amazing ability that helps the earth – they take nitrogen from the air and turn it into fertility in the soil.

Magic Beans Panel - Cookery School at Little Portland Street

For this brand new event we have brought together a fascinating panel of expert speakers including – Hannah Wilding, Marketing Manager of Bold Bean Co; Hélèna Dove, Head of the Kitchen Garden at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Lisa Didier, from the University of Oxford’s BeanMeals Project and Nick Saltmarsh, Co-founder & Director of Hodmedod’s the BBC Food & Farming Award winning independent company working with British farms to source a range of top quality ingredients (including beans and pulses) and delicious foods.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day at Cookery School at Little Portland Street


6pm – 7pm: Enjoy welcome drinks of organic Prosecco thanks to Prosecco DOC, networking & delicious pulse based snacks

7pm – 8pm: Panel Discussion with a Q&A

8pm – 8.30pm: Drinks & networking



Magic Beans – Have you got your finger on the pulse? will cover topics including:


  • How easy is it to grow beans and pulses in the UK?


  • Why has our perception of beans and pulses changed in recent years?


  • What is the difference between dried, bottled and canned beans and pulses – do they have different nutritional qualities?


  • How are people eating beans and pulses in new ways?


  • How can beans and pulses provide a sustainable protein source for the future of our food system?


How to book:


Places are limited, so book now to make sure you don’t miss out on the first of our brand new event series.