Education, Education, Education (fun, fun, fun)

Inspiring, empowering, healthy, sustainable, upskilling and most of all FUN.

That’s the power of cookery education and we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn to cook.

During half-term we hosted a puff pastry workshop for Antonia Lloyd, Women in the Food Industry Ambassador. The workshop was for her daughters and their friends and it was just brilliant, a reminder of the power of great teaching, the importance of learning to cook and the immense fun it brings. From sausage rolls, to a Provençal tart, to Portuguese ‘pastel de nata’ and mini croissants, you can read about the day here and see the beautiful food that they made and enjoyed.

To say that we had a good time is an understatement: it was a puff pastry and croissant extravaganza and I like to think, it went beyond half term; we all became part of some kind of secret pastry club that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to our 21 years of experience and thousands of people through the Cookery School doors we have truly created a blueprint for learning to cook.

Whatsmore, with the rise in consumption of ultra processed foods (the UK eats more than any other country in Europe), alongside an increase in health issues, we think that cookery education is now more important than ever.

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